Most people use computers as either workstations or gaming rigs, but for some, especially those who are fitness-minded, PCs are a workout companion. The dawn of smartphones gave people diverse applications, for these are essentially miniaturized computers. And one of the manufacturers of great smartphones, namely Apple, greatly succeeded in entering not only the desktop market, but the mobile market as well.

They have introduced the iconic iPhone, a sweet piece of tech that has its well and many uses. Those who are much more interested in their health and body use them as workout companions, trainers if you will, but there comes a time when carrying your smartphone while jogging is a bit of a hindrance, albeit the small size of the device, like an iPhone 5.


So they resort to accessories that enable them to carry these devices without the hindrance and discomfort of them holding it. They came up with an iphone 5 armband for running.

Running with an iPhone 5 has its perks, putting aside great specs, there are a lot of apps for you to download and use together with your workouts. An iphone 5 armband for running conveniently holds your iPhone; it is strapped to your arm and you can even listen to music while on the go, so it won’t be a boring run. You can check your burned calories, track your time during a run, and even map your way through your newly discovered running track.


Mom’s calling during your morning workout? Answer it without even taking your phone out of the armband. Ran through a great view at the beach? Whip out that iPhone 5 and immortalize what your eyes see, with the help of the device’s amazing camera of course. The boss just called you for an early meeting! Luckily you had your phone all along and didn’t miss on the memo. These are just few of the perks an iphone 5 armband gives you. Tech savvy, fitness junkie, or anyone in between, this will be your thing.

The iPhone 5, in the technical sense, sports an IPS LCS screen with Corning Gorilla Glass, LTE, 8 Megapixels for the main camera, 1.2 for the secondary, 1.3 Ghz dual-core processor, and a 1440 mAh battery. Together with the well-known great build Apple devices are known for, the iPhone 5 carries a signature look. Although of course, you can grab cases of every design imaginable, and even have it skinned for your personalization needs.

Perfect for work, great for work-outs, let it be your companion throughout your run, just snap it on an iphone 5 armband for running and let your feet do the running, body reap the benefit and your iPhone 5 for everything else. Just remember to warm up and properly hydrate yourself, and you’re all set!


iPhone 5 / 5S Sports Armband Case

iPhone 5 / 5S Sports Armband CaseQuality, lightweight case designed for Apple iPhone 5/5S to securely hold your phone when listening to your music while you walk, jog and workout. (Phone ear buds aren’t included.).


Constructed from strong, soft, flexible silicone to enable you to easily insert your device and hold it in position. Provides easy screen visibility and accommodates all your device’s buttons.


Comfortably soft, elastic velcro armband securely holds your phone in place even when intensely working out. The flexible band accommodates arms from approximately 9″ to 21″ in size.


The cover will contract and stretch to enable you to quickly and easily place your device into the case in a matter of seconds. The silicon case and armband can easily be hand-washed with soap and water and air dried.


Sports armband can be easily removed to enable you to use just the case for your phone.


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